Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ATV Safety Rule

ATV was first used for work in farms but today, the popularity of riding ATV for recreation has become increasingly popular. With the consistently rising number of people who ride ATVs for fun, the percentage of injuries related to ATV has also risen! That's the reason why ATV riders should pay special attention to ATV safety rules and guidelines. ATV safety is especially important when it comes to kids. It's easy for adults to get injured while riding ATV...what more a child with less physical dexterity and control?So, the first thing a parent should do is to consider all ATV safety rules, concerns and equipment before allowing their children to ride ATV. The basic ATV safety rule is to help children understand that their ATV is not a toy. They are not (never) allowed to operate the ATV without training and supervision. This is an important ATV safety rule. Once children realize the important of this ATV safety rule, they will be more willing to follow it.If possible, send your children for ATV safety training and riding classes before allowing them to ride ATV. There are many different courses that you can send your children to to help them fully understand ATV safety.Furthermore, your role as a parent is to ensure that your children are not allowed to ride on adult-sized ATVs. This ATV safety rule is extremely, extremely important! Children are not capable of and not equipped to operate adult-sized ATVs. If you're to get your children their own ATV, to ensure their safety, you should only select an ATV of an appropriate size.Never let your kids ride their ATV without appropriate safety riding gear and apparel. This ATV safety rule is important even for adult ATV riders. Example of safety riding gear includes Helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, love-sleeve shirt and long pants. Proper safety gear will reduce chances of injuries in case the rider loses control of the ATV that they are riding on and falls off. Of course, we do not wish for this to happen and with proper training and practice, it probably won't...but we just want to be absolutely sure about this ATV safety rule here.Another important ATV safety rule we want to highlight here is this...inspect your ATV properly before riding it! To ensure that your ATV is in good condition, don't compromise on maintenance of the vehicle. A well-oiled and well-maintained ATV is more reliable than one that is not.So, we hope that your ATV riding is not only always fun, but always safe as well. So, educate yourself and your kids about ATV safety today!