Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shop Carefully For the Conversion Van That Meets Your Needs

Conversion vans could be considered the royalty of the road. After all, royalty generally gets exactly what it wants, and that's what owners get when they purchase conversion vans - a comfortable van that has been customized to match exactly the buyer's preferences.Conversion vans come in various designs. There's the familiar camper caravan that's perfect for a retired couple or a family that likes to travel. There's the luxury caravan that's decked out with all kinds of driving amenities. There are commercial caravans like that kind used by TV news crews. And there are vans that are refitted to serve the needs of drivers and passengers with handicapping conditions.A new conversion van in any of these styles can cost as much as the down payment on a house, but there are plenty of used conversion caravans in excellent shape waiting for new owners. In most cases, a pre-owned camper has been well maintained by its owner, so it's possible to find one that's worth the investment. The keys to buying a quality used van are to know what you want, do lots of research and buy from a reputable dealer.For instance, if you're a small-business owner who provides mobile services of any sort, you'll want to find a caravan that can enable you to keep your business on the road. Your camper will probably need a writing desk bolted to the floor to restrain its movement, along with racks for your equipment. Maybe you'll need electrical wiring and a power outlet.How to choose a handicap conversion vanHandicap conversion vans are fitted to serve the needs of a driver or a passenger with a physically handicapped condition. Often this person is in a wheelchair and needs a ramp to get into the van. Most handicap conversion vans have a lowered floor to give additional clearance for a wheelchair, and a shallower angle for a ramp. People in wheelchairs can drive vans with ease; thanks to the special van conversion parts such as hand controls. These vans also are made with push buttons that open doors and operate windows, along with ramps that launch automatically in an accident.A luxury van can be more plush than the finest limousine. This style is where the van accessories make all the difference: thickly padded leather seats with seat warmeres, stereo sound systems, entertainment systems in the passenger area, fancy grilles for the front, and top quality lights, windows, interior decoration and bumpers.Perhaps the most popular conversion van version is the camper van. This type of van is preferred by retirees who travel a lot and by large families who love to vacation in the outdoors. When outfitted, a camper van serves as a mobile motel or even like a vacation home. Camper vans include such van accessories as a mini-fridge, sleeping couches, curtains or blinds on the windows for privacy and other van parts to make both riding and camping comfortable for everyone.Selecting best van conversion parts If you are the handy type who'd like to do some work yourself, be sure that you get your conversion van accessories and van parts from a reputable dealer who can offer you a wide range of options. You might want simply some decor improvements such as pulls, van curtains, door panels and drink holders. Or you may want to try installing more substantive improvements such as interior and exterior lights, roof vents, tire covers, tire carriers, ladders, van tops, front air dams and front bumper covers among others.Whatever your van needs, remember to shop around a lot before making a purchase. If you're not sure what you want, try a conversion van rental to get a feel for different types. Because of a conversion van's complexity and the cost of your investment, it's a bad idea to buy one on impulse. Instead, make a list of your wants and needs in a van, but avoid unnecessary accessories. Do some thorough research and work through a reputable dealer until you locate the conversion van of your dreams.