Thursday, October 31, 2013

Which College Is Right For You?

Harvard,Yale, Princeton, and Duke!! So many choices but only one to choose.Mom says you should go to law school, dad says you should go to health school, but do they really know what's best for you. Lets say you want to be a vet, well easy just choose a college that you think you might want to go to for vet school, right? WRONG! There are a ton of ways that you can determine which college YOU want to go to and it has a great education plan too!First look on the net for some cool colleges. Then jot down some that you might want to go to. After that research those colleges and see which ones you like. WAIT, your still not done. Well your probably asking, "What else is there to do?", there are a ton of more things you could look for to pick the right one for you. One, once you know what you want to be and you have chosen your colleges check out and see if those colleges have what your looking for. If they don't scratch him off the list.The next thing you should look for is do they have a good schooling system of what your wanting to study, and what does the school expect of their students. I suggest that if you cant meet their expectation line then you probably shouldn't go to that particular college/university.Those are the two MANE steps to finding the right college. There are some other ones that aren't so important but you still need to consider them.TOP 5 (not ranked in any particular order)1. Is the college located in a pretty good area.2. If you choose to live in a dormitory, do they have good dormitories.3. Where ever you are living, is the college/university a good distance from where you live.4. Make sure i has the perfect sized campus for you.AND THE LAST ONE IS........5. MAKE SURE THAT YOU AND ONLY YOU WANT TO GO THERE!!I wish you luck with choosing the right college for you, and I hope you succeed in all of your studies, and I hope you have a very successful life.