Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Get Bad Credit Credit Cards And Boost Your credit Score

Are you looking for a company that provides bad credit credit cards? If yes, then read this...Not everyone has a perfect credit score. In fact, only a few have such a luxury. Bad credit can happen to anyone either due to some unexpected illness, or loss of job, or untimely payments of bills. Just a month's delay in payment can pull down your credit score ferociously. However, you need not suffer due to a bad credit. The times have changed. There are many types bad credit credit cards available today. Shop around a little and you will come across the right kind of bad credit credit card for you.What Are Bad Credit Credit Cards?
If you did not heed the age-old advice of using your credit cards carefully to avoid debt traps and are now struggling with a plummeting credit score, then it's time to go for bad credit credit cards. Well, these cards are not something very special; they are just like regular cards with the exception that they are designed for high risk cardholders. You are regarded as a high risk client by the credit card companies due to your low credit score.Be VERY Careful With Bad credit Credit Cards
Once you get a bad credit credit card, be careful not to repeat your mistake of thoughtlessly using the card. If you do so, you would lend in deep trouble. Here's a piece of advice: if you sense a possibility of defaulting on your card, please don't apply. Before applying for such cards, make sure you have read the terms of the cards.Bad credit credit cards have surprisingly lower credit limits. The maximum limit that you would encounter on a bad credit credit card is not more than $1000. This works as a safety measure for you. Some people think that the low card limit is a disadvantage. However, they fail to see the bright side of it. The lower your card limit, the more aptly you will use the bad credit credit card and make timely payments. It is difficult to pay on higher card limits with a bad credit.Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
Don't worry about APR. they are quite reasonable on bad credit credit cards. They are usually around 10 per cent, which is considered to be excellent for a credit card. Moreover, shop around for bad credit credit cards with interest rate as low as possible. This will enable you to pay off your charges faster; at the same time pulling up your credit score.Fees On Bad credit Credit Cards
Normally, annual fees on various credit cards should be avoided. However, bad credit credit cards come with standard fees. The lenders of such cards usually charge annual fees of $50 or maybe more. It's useless fretting over this. For a credit card company, this is a safety measure. You will have to accept this charge, if you possess a bad credit and you wish to have a credit card.There is another fee called enrollment fee. This is yet another thing to be avoided by good credit holders. However, bad credit holders have no choice but to accept it. Bad credit credit cards generally come with such a fee.Reporting To All The Major Credit Bureaus
Always check out whether the bad credit credit card that you applied for has been reported to all the main credit bureaus. This plays a significant role in boosting your credit score.So, flaunt your bad credit credit card with pride and get more points added to your credit score!